Friday, June 6, 2008

THE Starbrick Weekend


Kit, IF, Bottles, maps, viki, and PB+J by Beatty
Waking up Magellan (aka, bitch, slut, whore, skank, woman of ill repute)
The Bitch has a plan
Dropping the kids off at the pool--to avoid the rush
The Bitch changes the plan to. . .
. . .Cedar Point/Deliverance
"tourist information center"
I'd like to buy a vowel. . . scratch that, I think I need a detailed map of Appalachia instead.
"ohh Jesus" fetus
"Look out for the living room"
Nelsonville (mirage?--can u hallucinate a crit?)
Mine Tavern
One legged cook
Bricks, BriCKs, B rI Ks,
Race1--Starring a lot of slow people--and one faster person
Race1a--Starring Sprinty McSprintsalot and Skittle McStrongchic
Water bottle droppage, Whit I'm THIRSTY!
Race2--Starring Mr. Repeat, Mr. Would have had my upgrade points if this was UCSF, Sandbagger boy
Star Bricks
The Bitch gets a gag.
Mapquest is in cahoots with the Bitch
I think 33 is following us.
I think I am fat
little Hocking
Roll Pinching
Blind man Texting

Woman sitting on her dashboard to drive
Keep it under 80 you lead footed fuck!!
Dropping off the Red Box
Home Sweet Home
White Pizza
reprogramming the slut whore skank tramp bitch
Backing into the Blue box
Unpacking while Shazam supervised
Smoothie blender cup emergency
Foam heaven

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