Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Starbrick learns about iTunes

Starbrick loves to sing along

I feel like there's still niggas that owe me cheques
I feel like there's still bitches that owe me sex
I feel like this but niggas don't know this stress
I lost the only girl in the world that know me best
I got the money and the fame and that don't mean shit
I got the Jesus on a chain, man that don't mean shit
Cause when the Jesus pieces can't bring me peace
Sure I need just at least one of Russell's nieces
On...I let my nightmares go
I put on, everybody that I knew from the go
I know hoes that was frontin when they knew he was broke
They say damn, yeezy yeezy, you don't know us no more
You got that big fame homie, and you just changed homie
You can ask big homie, man the top sure lonely
I ain't lyin...
So lonely
I aint lyin...

(Put On by Young Jeezy)

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